100TBのSSD「ExaDrive DC100」、スゲぇな(笑)

Numbus Dataが100TBのSSD「ExaDrive DC100」を発表しておりますが、なんなの100TBって(笑) うちのNASさんは9TBなんだけど、ザクッと20%ほどのデータが保存されております。正直、動画をほとんど編集しないので、十分すぎる容量なんだけど、100TBって(笑)


Nimbus Data launches the world’s largest solid state drive – 100 terabytes – to power data-driven innovation

ExaDrive DC series raises the bar in SSD power efficiency, density, and write endurance

Irvine, CA, March 19, 2018 – Nimbus Data, a pioneer in flash memory solutions, today announced the ExaDrive® DC100, the largest capacity (100 terabytes) solid state drive (SSD) ever produced. Featuring more than 3x the capacity of the closest competitor, the ExaDrive DC100 also draws 85% less power per terabyte (TB). These innovations reduce total cost of ownership per terabyte by 42% compared to competing enterprise SSDs, helping accelerate flash memory adoption in both cloud infrastructure and edge computing.



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