Flip4Mac WMV v2.3.0.14 アップデート

Telestream は QuickTime で Windows Media files ( .wma and .wmv ) を再生するための コンポーネント Windows Media Components for QuickTime の最新版 Flip4Mac WMV v2.3.0.14 の配布を開始しました。

Mac OS X Snow Leopard のサポート、そして Safari 4 の 64bit モードでも利用が可能になりました。また、QuickTime 7 Pro を利用したエクスポート機能の提供をし続けるとのことです。

あと、この Flip4mac をインストールすると、デフォルトでは Microsoft の Silverlight もインストールされてしまいます。イヤな場合はインストールの際にチェックを外してください。でも、あると便利なこともあるので( Gyao を見るとか )、とりあえず入れておいてもいいんじゃないかと思います。

Changes in this Release

•Added support for Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

•While support for the latest OS is good news, we’d like you to be aware of some changes in Snow Leopard that affect Flip4Mac WMV (see Flip4Mac WMV FAQs for more details):

•QuickTime Player X has removed export functionality to all formats other than standard Apple formats, including WMV. If you need this functionality, Apple continues to provide QuickTime Player 7.

•In Safari 4, Flip4Mac WMV runs with limited functionality.

•Safari 4 now runs in 64-bit mode by default, which causes Flip4Mac WMV to run with limited functionality. However, you have the option to run Safari in 32-bit mode.

•Local files now import in the background by default so that your movie is available for viewing almost immediately. If you prefer the previous behavior, this can be changed on a per-application basis in Flip4Mac WMV by going to System Preferences > Flip4Mac WMV > Player and clicking the Advanced button.

•The installer also includes a browser plug-in for Microsoft® Silverlight™ which allows you to play Smooth Streaming video content. This is installed by default. To disable its installation, click the Customize button on the Installation Type pane and uncheck the Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in option.


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