Pixelmator 1.6 アップデート

アクト・ツーが日本語版をリリースしている画像処理ソフトの Pixelmator がアップデートし、Pixelmator 1.6 となりました。今回のアップデートでは大幅なパフォーマンスの改良がされ、64ビットをサポート、Flickr や Picasa などへの直接のアップロードなどなど、様々な改善がなされています。

そしてこのアップデートは Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard 専用となりますので、ご注意を。

現在、この Pixelmator を使って絵を描いていまして、これが非常に描きやすいんですよね ( ボクにとってね ) 。もちろん、基本的にはレタッチソフトなので、写真なんかの編集にももってこいですよ。

Pixelmator 1.6 Nucleus (Released on July 13, 2010)

New Features

• Major performance improvements
• 64-Bit support
• Layer Groups
• Send to Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook
• Import directly from cameras, scanners, multifunction devices, and devices such as iPhone and iPad
• New transforming tools
• New printing engine
• Trim Images and Watermark Images Automator Actions
• Deeper Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard integration


• Open Recent button added to the Welcome Screen
• iSight support improved
• Ruler performance improved
• Progress bar added when saving larger files
• Edit in Quick Mask mode added to the Edit menu
• Alpha pixels are now properly supported by clipping masks
• New cursors for Hand and Zoom tools added
• Ability to reset pallete locations by pressing Command + Shift + R added
• Gradient pallete is now separated from Brushes palette and can be shown or hidden by pressing the Command + 4 keyboard shortcut
• Layers palette contextual menu improved
• Appearance of type layer thumbnails improved
• License menu item will not appear if the application is already licensed
• Fit Images Automator action now includes the ability to proportionally scale images
• German, French, and Japanese localizations updated
• Minor user interface improvements added
• Help in-app documentation updated

Corrected Bugs

• A bug that caused incorrect palettes size and position
• A bug that caused Eyedropper to move by 1 pixel when picking color
• A bug that caused Gradients palette not to resize when gradients removed
• A bug that caused the Hand tool not to work correctly after Tab shortcut is pressed
• A bug that sometimes caused some palettes to disappear
• A bug that sometimes caused objects to disappear when using Distort transform
• A bug that caused filters not to load after using the Replace Color function
• A bug that caused Clipping Mask to work incorrectly after editing layer’s mask
• A bug that caused clipping layers not to show up after the main layer is hidden


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