Camino 2.0.7 アップデート

The Camino Project は、ウェブブラウザ Camino の 最新版となる Camino 2.0.7 を配布しています。SSL の処理の改善などが施されているようです。相変わらず速いですね(^^

Camino 2.0.7 Release Notes

Camino 2.0.7 is a stability and security update for Camino 2.0.x. All users are urged to upgrade.

Changes since Camino 2.0

The following changes and improvements have been made since the Camino 2.0 release.

Camino 2.0.7 contains the following improvements over version 2.0.6:

* Improved the handling of bad SSL certificates.
* Restored the ability for certain Java applets to open new windows.


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