Perian 1.2.2 アップデート

Mac OS X の QucikTime で再生できる動画フォーマットを増やす Perian Project の QuickTime component Perian が アップデートし、Perian 1.2.2 となりました。Google の動画コーデック WebM / VP8 などいくつかのコーデックをサポートし、いくつかの問題を修正しています。

Perian 1.2.2 Changes

Added WebM/VP8 support. [r1310, r1315]
Added support for compressed MKV tracks, as generated by newer versions of mkvtoolnix. [r1317, r1334]
Added FFv1 lossless video support. [r1363] (#407)
Added an internal decoder for Theora, fixing compatibility problems with XiphQT. [r1379] (#499)
The readme and license files are now included in the component bundle. [r1309]


Fixed Matroska files with video glitches due to repeated timecodes. [r1364] (#502)
Fixed several possible crashes in Matroska import. [r1332, r1392] (#223)
Fixed some Matroska files losing frames at the end of the file. [r1399, r1407] (#224, #558)
Fixed audio sync in many FLV videos. [r1383] (#543) (1.2 regression)
Fixed several possible crashes/hangs in subtitle parsing. [r1327, r1331, r1339, r1376] (#515, #521)
Worked around Apple’s incorrect channel layout in .mp4 files. [A52Codec r84]


Fixed several correctness errors. [r1307, r1308, r1365]
Improved rendering of semitransparent text styles. [r1328]


The next planned version will remove support for PowerPC and Mac OS X versions prior to 10.6. Maintenance updates may be provided if necessary.


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