Perian 1.2.3 アップデート

Mac OS X の QucikTime で再生できる動画フォーマットを増やす Perian Project の QuickTime component Perian が アップデートし、Perian 1.2.3 となりました。

Fixes several problems reported with 1.2.2.

– Some Fraps videos only displayed black. [r1424] (#566)
– Workaround checks for Front Row stopped being effective. [r1426] (#564)
– Fixed compatibility with web video playback. [r1427, r1429, r1450] (#572)
– Worked around System Preferences crashing during an update on 10.6. [r1449] (#591)
This change will take effect after this update.
– Further fixes to Matroska import. [r1432, r1441, r1447] (#338, #492, #594, #601)


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