Flip4Mac WMV v2.4.0.11 アップデート

Telestream は Mac OS X で Windows Media files ( .wma and .wmv ) を再生するための QuickTime コンポーネント、Windows Media Components for QuickTime の最新版 Flip4Mac WMV v2.4.0.11 の配布を開始しました。

Safari 4、5 と Firefox 3、4 と Google Chrome 6+ をサポートする新しい Flic4Mac WMV のプラグインが含まれるなプラグインが含まれるなどの処理がされています。

Changes in This Release

• Includes a new Flip4Mac WMV Plugin that supports Safari 4 & 5, Firefox 3 & 4, and Google Chrome 6+.
This also replaces the old “webplugin”, which has been removed.
• This release is compatible with Mac OS X versions 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

Fixes in This Release
• Fixed a problem playing ASX media that references non-existent network-based media.
• Fixed a rare problem in playing movies served by HTTP servers.
• Fixed a problem playing media having reference URL(s) that included spaces or other URL-encoded


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