Camino 2.1 正式版配布開始

The Camino Project は、Webブラウザ Camino の最新版となる Camino 2.1 の配布を開始しています。。Camino 2.1 は Mac OS X 10.4 以降で使えるそうです。Securityなどに配慮し、デフォルトの検索エンジンはSSLを使用するように変更するなどされています。

Changes in Camino 2.1

・“Fill Form” can now read the homepage URL from “Me” cards created on Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
・“Fill Form” will now try to fill in fields that have “Website” as label text.
・“Fill Form” will no longer fill “surname” fields with the full name.
・Changed the default search engines to use SSL connections.
・Upgraded the Growl framework to version 1.2.2 to support interaction with Growl 1.3.
・The Camino Crash Reporter now includes the time a version of Camino was first installed when sending crash reports.
・Upgraded the Breakpad framework that supports the Camino Crash Reporter.

Bookmarks & History
・Activated maintenance routines for the history database.
・Changed Google-related bookmarks to use SSL in new profiles.

Privacy & Security
・Blocked versions of Adobe Flash Player older than on Intel Macs due to severe security issues.

User Interface
・Camino now remembers the state of the “Remember this decision?” checkbox in the “Allow Cookie” dialog.
・The body of the lock icon for pages with a mix of content served over SSL and content not served over SSL now matches the look of the lock icon for pages served entirely over SSL.

Web Page Interaction
・The multi-touch “pinch” gesture to zoom a web page works once again when invoked over the web page.
・Downloadable fonts will work once again for Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” users running version 10.7.2 or higher.
・Upgraded the “Block Flash animations” code to use Flashblock 1.5.15.
・Improved ad-blocking.


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