Pixelmator 2.1 が配信を開始!

Pixelmator Team の Mac OS X 専用画像処理ソフトの Pixelmator がアップデートしていました。Pixelmator 2.1 となりました。Pixelmator 2.1 は Retina や iCloud に対応し、Effects Browser など新しい機能も追加されています。

Major Update Adds iCloud Support, Effects Browser, Vintage and Miniaturize Effects and Smart Alignment Guides

The Pixelmator Team today released a major update of Pixelmator, its inspiring, easy-to-use and feature-packed image editing software for the Mac. Designed to take full advantage of OS X Mountain Lion and the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, Pixelmator 2.1 adds support for iCloud, a new Effects Browser with new Vintage and Miniaturize effects, smart Alignment Guides and several other enhancements.


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