Flip4Mac WMV v3.1.0.24 アップデート

Telestream は OS X で Windows Media files ( .wma and .wmv ) を再生するための QuickTime コンポーネント Windows Media Components for QuickTime 及び Flip Player の最新版となる Flip4Mac WMV v3.1 ( Ver. ) の配布を開始しました。

このバージョンでは、ついに Retina に対応。また、Flip Player から iTunes に書き出すことのできる機能が追加されているそうです。



New Features
• Added support for Retina displays.
• Added the ability to export to iTunes from Flip Player, including exporting both audio and video, or exporting
just the audio portion of a movie.
• Added iPad mini and iPod Nano scaling presets.

Fixes and Enhancements
• Fixed a bug that prevented Flip4Mac from playing ASX files with a bad first entry but a valid second entry. • Fixed a bug that prevented exports from the Mac App Store version of ScreenFlow due to a sandboxing
• Fixed a bug that could cause Flip Player to crash if a movie was closed while being loaded for trimming.


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