Pixelmator 2.2.1 アップデート。保存が早くなりました!

Pixelmator Team の OS X 専用 画像処理ソフト Pixelmator がアップデートし、Pixelmator 2.2.1 となりました。このバージョンではファイル形式を改良し、従来の倍の速度で保存してくれます。


Pixelmator Updates and Release Notes

Pixelmator 2.2.1 (Released on September 24, 2013) View in Mac App Store

New Features

A completely new Pixelmator file format that uses all of the today’s OS X technologies and makes your image editing even faster and more enjoyable:

• 2x faster: It can open and save your Pixelmator documents twice as fast compared with the previous Pixelmator file format.
• Saves in background: This means that while you play with your images, Pixelmator automatically saves the changes in the background.
• Faster saving to iCloud: The first image file format saves only the edits you make to iCloud instead of saving the whole picture each time. So it takes less time to save and you have more time to enjoy image editing.
• Progress bar: The new Pixelmator file format allows us to show a progress bar with accurate status while opening and saving documents.
• Quick Look support: A better Quick Look support that lets you preview your Pixelmator document without even opening it.
A new checkbox for opening images in their original file format. This means that you can now choose whether to open and save all images in the Pixelmator file format or in their original file format.


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