Pixelmator 3.1 アップデート

ixelmator Team の OS X 専用 画像処理ソフト Pixelmator が、新しい Mac Pro に対応した Pixelmator 3.1 となりました。信じられないほどのパワーとスピードだそうです。Mac Pro 欲しいなぁ。


Pixelmator 3.1 Marble (Released on January 23, 2014) View in Mac App Store

New Features
• Exclusive new Mac Pro support: Pixelmator 3.1 Marble takes advantage of the new Mac Pro’s incredible power and speed with its dual-GPU support. This means that just about any edit you make, you will experience remarkably smoother and more fluid performance.
• 16-bit support on the new Mac Pro: Harnessing the power of the Mac Pro’s dual-GPU architecture, we’re now able to support 16-bit per channel images for the first time. You can now edit rich and vibrant images in Pixelmator 3.1 Marble on the new Mac Pro.
• Order Prints: You can now quickly and easily turn your gorgeous images into stunning, fine-quality prints. With just a few clicks, order Pixelmator images as postcards, notecards, gallery frames, or posters.
Optimized for the New Mac Pro
• Both GPUs are used simultaneously when applying effects: one for computing the effect and the other one for composition rendering.
• 16-bit per channel color images are supported.
• The image auto saving is computed in the background while image composition is being rendered.
• Optimizations made for all 4-core, 6-core, 8-core, or 12-core Intel Xeon processors for better zoom out handling and faster bitmap layer duplications.
• GCD Dispatch I/O technology and PCIe-based flash storage makes opening and exporting high resolution images faster.
• Increased memory bandwidth is fully utilized for Pixelmator operations.
Layer Styles Improvements
• Now, you can select more than one layer with styles and change the opacity of the selected layers all at once.
• When you move a selection made on layers with styles, the layer style always stays visible, even when you go to another app and back.
• You can now apply styles on a new layer right after you’ve painted with the Paint Bucket Tool or the Pixel Tool.
• When converting layers with styles into regular layers, the Opacity setting always stays intact.
• When you clear layer contents, the layer style icon disappears as well.
• The Styles palette stays active when you copy layers with styles into a newly created document.
• You can now change the gradient fill for newly created text or shape layers from the Gradients palette without opening the Styles palette.
• When you choose a color in the Colors palette, it doesn’t change the color choice in the Styles palette.
• You can now remove style presets even if you have several layers with styles selected.
• After you clear a layer style, you can now remove layer style presets.
Other Improvements
• Pointillize, Pixelize, Mandala, Concert, City Lights, Color Hatch, X-ray, Infrared, Line Dye, Tracer, Scanner, Newspaper, Neon, ASCII, Blue Print and Projectile effects are now available again.
• The effects’ rope is now more stable.
• Improved RAW image file format support.
• You can now turn off Auto Select on shape layers as well as on the others layers.
• When you Control-click the selection on an empty layer, you can now choose Refine selection from the shortcut menu.
• When grouped text layers are duplicated, the text stays visible.
• When text or shape layers are converted into pixels, the Opacity setting stays intact.
• Now you can drag a gradient preset to the Finder.
• Improvements have been made for the outside stroke effect.
• New layers are no longer added when painting with the Paint Bucket Tool set to 0% of Opacity.
• Colors are updated in the Fill dialog correctly, whether you choose the dialog from the Menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut.
• The “Low disk space” message no longer appears when there’s lots of space on the computer.
• Improved localizations.
• And other tiny-yet-annoying bugs, random graphical glitches, and crashes have been fixed.


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