欧州連合 ( EU ) では、加盟国での携帯電話の充電端子が microUSB に統一されるそうです。というわけで、iPhone 5s などの Lightning 端子を採用している Apple もなんらかの対応をしなければならなくなりそうですね‥‥(^^;;;

EP opens option for a common charger for mobile phones

The European Commission welcomed the green light of the European Parliament to open up the possibility for the introduction of a common charger for mobile phones and other portable devices in the update of the rules on radio equipment. Today’s vote is based on a proposal by the European Commission (IP/12/1109). Radio equipment includes products such as mobile phones, GPS/Galileo receivers and wireless car door openers. Today’s vote in the EP will make it possible that the growing numbers of users and radio equipment co-exist without interference. Manufacturers, importers and distributors will have to respect a set of clear obligations so as to ensure the compliance of radio equipment placed in the EU market. Moreover, the alignment of radio equipment rules with other legislation applicable to the internal market for products will lower compliance costs for businesses, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

個人的には、統一してくれることには構わないんと思うんだけど、ただ、いままで買い足した Lightning ケーブルが無駄になってしまうのかもしれないと思うと‥‥ 悲しいぞ(^^;;;



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