Load Runnerの作者が亡くなられたそうです

名作ゲーム『ロードランナー』の作者 Douglas E. Smith 氏がお亡くなりになったそうです。PC 版、ファミコン版と結構やったもんですが、ファミコン版はキライでした。画面がスクロールした先に敵がいたりして、簡単にやられちゃってました(笑)



Load Runner

In Memoriam, Douglas E. Smith, 1960 – 2014

It is with great sadness that we learned today of the passing of our friend and colleague, Douglas Smith, the creator of the iconic game, Lode Runner. Our hearts and prayers are with Doug’s family during this difficult time. In Doug’s honor, we call on the legions of Lode Runner fans everywhere to take a private moment to reflect on your own personal memories of Lode Runner. What a contribution Doug made to the video game industry.

Doug, from all of us at Tozai, and from all of your fans, may you rest in peace.


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