Windows 7 RC版はVistaからのみインストール

Microsoft は Windows 7 RC ( Release Candidate ) 版のインストールについて、Windows 7 のベータ版からのアップデートや XP からのアップグレードができなくて、Windows Vista からのアップグレードのみに対応しているということをブログで発表したそうです。

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This is a little bit of a tricky post to write because we’re going to be asking everyone using our Windows 7 Beta to help us out, but doing so is going to take a little time and require a bit of a commitment to helping test the next milestone. This has been a remarkably valuable and beneficial testing cycle for Windows as we have had a tremendous amount of very rigorous testing and usage. We’ve had millions of people install and use the Beta since January and as we’ve talked about, the feedback and telemetry have been of tremendous value as we finalize the product. The effort of Beta testers has contributed immensely to our ability to deliver a high-quality product to hundreds of millions of customers. We continue to follow the plan we have previously outlined and this post is no announcement of any news or change in plans. Since we know many people are running the Beta we want to provide a heads up regarding the behavior of the Release Candidate (RC) as it pertains to upgrades. Of course we are working hard on the RC and following the schedule we have set out for ourselves.

まぁ、あくまでも RC 版の話ですから、正式版には正式版の従来 OS からのアップデートプログラムが発表されるでしょうね。これをもって XP からのアップグレードがサポートされないとは限らないので、正式版には Windows 7 の最低推奨スペックを満たす XP くらいからはアップデートができるように期待しておきましょう。


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