Flip4Mac WMV v2.4.1.4 アップデート

Telestream は Mac OS X で Windows Media files ( .wma and .wmv ) を再生するための QuickTime コンポーネント、Windows Media Components for QuickTime の最新版 Flip4Mac WMV v2.4.1.4 の配布を開始しました。Webストリーミングの配信時にバッファリングのインジケータを追加した他、いくつかの修正が行われているようです。

New Features in this Release
•Added a progress indicator while waiting for streams to buffer in web browsers.

Fixes in this Release
•Fixes an export scaling issue that causes video quality issues with source frame sizes not divisible by four.
•Fixes a problem exporting Silverlight templates.
•Fixes numerous problems in the Web browser plug-in that prevented streaming and playback of various sites and other problems with clicking and scrolling while in the plug-in.
•Adds support for Windows Media scripting. Note that scripting only works with Web browsers running in 32-bit mode. You may need to select “Open in 32-bit mode” in Finder’s Info pane for Safari or Firefox for scripting to work.
•Fixes a warning dialog issue with DRM protected content.


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