Pixelmator 2.2.2 アップデート

Pixelmator Team の OS X 専用 画像処理ソフト Pixelmator がアップデートし、Pixelmator 2.2.2 となりました。このバージョンは BugFix が中心となっております。


Pixelmator 2.2.2 (Released on October 14, 2013) View in Mac App Store


• Improved Pixelmator document compression so that when saving to iCloud, images are saved even faster.
• Now you can apply strokes to empty layers, too.
• The brush previews show up correctly in the Brushes palette.
• Sometimes the app would crash when opening, we fixed this.
• Now the Quality slider works in the “Save copy as” dialog when saving documents in JPG file format.
• Soft Proofed Pixelmator documents now open correctly.
• Solved multiple problems with Refine Selection Tool (slider, text value fields, freezes).
• Fixed the rest of Spanish and French localization mix ups.
• You can use the text fields in the Levels dialog again.
• Fixed rare crashes that happened while using the Gradient Tool.
• Now you can open Pixelmator documents that contain very large shapes.
• Other improvements and bug fixes.


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