Windows 7、年内発売へ

Microsoft は次期 OS となる Windows 7 の正式版が年内に出荷がほぼ確実であるという見通しをブログで明らかにしました。現在の Windows 7 RC のレベルからすると今後3カ月以内に開発が完了しそうだということです。

Windows 7 on Track to Hit This Holiday Season

There has been quite a bit of speculation and chatter around the timing of milestones for Windows 7. Of course folks want to know when Windows 7 will become available in stores and on new PCs. We’re in a good position today to provide an update to the timing of when we expect for that to happen. I’m really excited to be able to give this update – particularly given what it takes to deliver a high quality OS to millions of partners, customers, developers and the entire ecosystem.


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